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October 9 – November 6 & November 13 – 24, 2023

Join us at the DITTO Summit 2023 in Xiamen, China, for an engaging in-person event. We are thrilled to announce the opportunity to host a series of satellite virtual events before and after the DITTO Summit 2023. These satellite events offer a distinctive chance to connect with and engage the broader community, facilitating virtual exchanges of ideas and fostering progress in various aspects of DITTO. The GEOMAR team invites you to propose and host a satellite event centered around the captivating realm of oceanic digital twins.

Who can run a satellite event?

Everyone who wants to be engaged in the topic of Digital Twins of the Ocean is invited to organise and register their own satellite event. Please feel free to join one of our information sessions on July 18th or September 5th: Information hours to DITTO satellite events.

Which formats are possible?
  • A discussion forum open for engagement
  • A formal meeting with invited speakers
  • A workshop or a hackathon
  • A working group meeting
  • A poster session
  • Others
When can the event happen?

Satellite events can take place a month prior to (9. October to 6. November) or two weeks after (13. to 24. November) the Summit in Xiamen, China. No satellite events will take place during the Summit (9-12 November 2023).

How to run the event?

You are free to choose the platform for your virtual event (ZOOM, MS-Teams, Webex, GatherTown etc.). However, you need to use Eventbrite to register and advertise your event. In addition to Eventbrite, we will centrally advertise your event on a dedicated website. This allows us to centrally publish and promote all satellite events by using your Eventbrite link on our webpage. After the event, we will ask you to hand in a 1-2-page summary document, i.e. focus on results, outcomes and future actions.

How to register?

Please register your satellite event supporting the topic of digital twins of the ocean here.

We will briefly review your events to ensure that your topic is related to Digital Twins of the Ocean and open for others to participate. After a successful review you will receive a confirmation. There is no final deadline to register an event.