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Special Event 1: Cross-sectoral Workshop on Advancing and Applying DTOs

The afternoon of November 9, 2023

Despite topics on DTOs will be fully discussed through the Summit sessions, this special event adopts a novel perspective to bring together cross-sectoral participants, ranging from academia, and industry to government, for a wide communication to understand the needs of different users and an in-depth discussion on how to further advance DTO technologies to satisfy those needs. It is expected to foster and build up a novel cross-sectoral partnership for promoting the application of DTOs, as well as for empowering a high-quality development of the blue economy in the region and beyond. This workshop will invite guest speakers from various institutions to share their insights upon invitation and availability. Everyone interested is welcome to join for communication, exchange, and collaboration.

Special Event 2: Digital DEPTH Programme Workshop New

The afternoon of November 9, 2023

Endorsed by UN Ocean Decade, the Digital Deep-sea Typical Habitats (Digital DEPTH) Programme is initiated by China Ocean Mineral Resource R&D Association and is led by Dr. Jiabiao Li, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, and jointly planned with 64 marine institutes from 39 countries. The Programme focuses on deep-sea habitats that are most vulnerable to human activities and global changes, which includes seamounts, mid-ocean ridges, continental slopes, and abyssal plains. It aims to meet No.8 Challenge - Digital Ocean identified by the UN Ocean Decade. Themed “Deep in the Ocean, Deep to the Future”, this Workshop, as the first one since the Programme has been launched, will invite partners and stakeholders of the Digital DEPTH Programme for keynotes and panel discussions on further understanding deep-sea across-habitat transfer process of the material, energy connectivity, and information; key technologies for intelligent observation and numerical simulation of deep- sea habitats; predictability of disturbances responses of deep-sea habitats and biodiversity for improved deep-sea governance. Everyone interested is welcome to join for detailed information and communication for collaboration.

Special Event 3: The Early Career Ocean Professionals (ECOP) Workshop New

The afternoon of November 9, 2023

The Early Career Ocean Professionals (ECOP) Programme was officially endorsed in June 2021 as a Global Network Programme of the UN Ocean Decade. The ECOP Programme aims to empower ECOPs, who is at the early stage in their career related to the ocean, with meaningful networking to engage with peers and with multi-tier institutes for professional opportunities. Taking the arena of the Summit, the ECOP Workshop is to gather ECOPs for sharing successful stories and lesson-learned experiences with peers, as well as for discussing ECOP’s role in and contributions to achieve ocean sustainability in the future years. Interactive and insightful presentations and activities will be organised for promoting and enhancing peer communication. Everyone, especially ECOPs, is cordially invited and strongly advised to join the Workshop.

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