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Prof. Lixin Wu

Ocean University of China

About the speaker:

Prof. WU Lixin, Fellow of Chinese Academy of Sciences, AGU Fellow, serves as vice president of the Ocean University of China. As an internationally-recognized physical oceanographer, WU’s research explores ocean circulation and climate change. He is committed to finding solutions to ocean and climate challenges through collaboration and innovation in marine science and technology. In 2018, WU was awarded the Second Prize in the National Natural Science Award of China. And in the next year, he received the Ambassador Award in recognition of his outstanding contributions to society and earth community by the American Geophysical Union.

Prof. Wu's Webpage: http://pol.ouc.edu.cn/2020/0525/c18665a288271/page.htm

About keynote speech:
Eddy-Resolving Earth System Modeling: Recent Insights and Future Development

The earth system is characterized by complex cross-scale and cross-sphere interactions. Multi-sphere coupled numerical simulation of the earth system based on supercomputers provides a core tool for deeply understanding the basic law of earth system evolution, accurately predicting and forecasting future changes in the earth system, and promoting the development of earth system science. This presentation reviews the recent progress of the earth system modeling, envisages its future development, and proposes the necessity of ultra-high-resolution earth system modeling.

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