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Dr. Jiabiao Li

The Second Institute of Oceanography, Ministry of Natural Resource, China

About the speaker:

Dr. Jiabiao Li is an Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering and Researcher of the Second Institute of Oceanography, Ministry of Natural Resource, China. He worked as Director of the Second Institute of Oceanography, Ministry of Natural Resource, China. He has served as the Chief Scientist of Project 973 twice and has presided over a number of key projects of National Natural Science Foundation of China, Chinese Mainland Delimitation, and China National Ocean Special Project. He has been engaged in submarine science and exploration engineering research for a long time and has expanded the new field of intersection of submarine science, and marine rights and interests, and made pioneering contributions to the demarcation of China's continental shelf and ocean sulfide circle mine. He is currently leading the Digital Deep-sea Typical Habitats Programme (Digital DEPTH) endorsed by UN Ocean Decade.

Dr. Li’s webpage: https://www.sio.org.cn/a/shydz/19111.html

About keynote speech:
Digital Deep-sea Typical Habitats

The UN Ocean Decade Digital Deep-sea Typical Habitats Programme (Digital DEPTH) focuses on the core scientific blind spots and key technical difficulties in the field of global deep-sea environmental governance, and will focus on 4 types of deep-sea habitats in the next ten years: seamounts, mid-ocean ridges, continental slopes and abyssal plains, which are vulnerable to human activities and global changes, and aim at improving our ability to observe, simulate, and map these deep-sea typical habitats, thereby promoting a balance between deep-sea conservation and sustainable development.

The Digital DEPTH will use advanced technology to carry out deep-sea research, build intelligent observation systems, and promote the sharing of data and samples; develop mapping and numerical simulation techniques to reveal multi-scale cross-habitat connectivity and information transfer processes; build an “observation-simulation-prediction” digital platform to provide “digital deep-sea habitats atlas” as public products and to update deep-sea area-based management tools; exchange knowledge and experience in deep-sea science and management with young generation, especially those from SIDS, LDCs, and LLDCs.

The Digital DEPTH is led by the China Deep Ocean Affairs Administration and is co-sponsored by experts from 39 countries and 64 institutions on 6 continents. The Programme is hosted by Academician Jiabiao Li from the Second Institute of Oceanography, Ministry of Natural Resources, China. The Steering Committee includes Dr. Karim Hilmi, the Vice-President of the IOC, and Professor Kouadio Affian, Chairman of the IOC African Commission and other renowned international experts in deep sea science.

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